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Funding a new mode of research partnerships

PARC has funded 5 seed-corn collaborative projects under its ‘PARC Partnerships Fund’ initiative.

Wholly conceived and led by collaborators in Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa, the projects offer an initial opportunity for exploring and practising a collaboration mode that redresses one or more of the multi-layered power imbalances in scientific knowledge production that continue to disadvantage Africa and constrain global scholarship

Sound board

Sounding East Africa: Music, Technology and Ideology


This project seeks to ask how East African audiences across gender, ethnicity, class and age have understood the sounds of this musical canon, popularly referred to as Zilizopendwa (the ones that were loved).

coloured chalks

Crisis-sensitive educational leadership in Botswana


This study aims to develop an indigenous model of crisis-sensitive educational leadership in Botswana which can inform education, training and support for those involved in school leadership.


Neuropharmaceuticals to permeate the blood-brain barrier


The University of the Western Cape’s Neurobiology Research Group has recently  identified a molecule that is able to reduce harmful oxidants and decrease the formation of protein deposits in the brain that lead to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Water pouring on hands

Climate resilience of water supplies in Ethiopia


To address the risks posed by current climate patterns and future climate change, the Government of Ethiopia is building multi-village, piped-water supplies managed by professionalized rural utilities.


Microplastic pollution in Lake Victoria


This study will attempt to identify the extent of microplastic pollution in the water of Lake Victoria as well as the nature and extent of pollution from additives that feature in varying forms of plastics.