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A place for discussion

PARC seeks to provide space for people who are working on African issues to come together; we support and stimulate critical debate on questions regarding Africa-global North research relations. To do this we convene discussion forums and seminars, publish blogs and articles, and operate the website as a hub for information sharing and engagement.  

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A community of interest

We have built up a community of more than a hundred signatories who endorse the principles of the Africa Charter and who will participate in the next stage of its journey. We have begun working with this ‘community of interest’ by engaging with them at events, sharing information via our website and social media, and encouraging other organisations to get involved.   

Towards a toolkit for reviewing Bristol-Africa partnerships

Working with a cross-disciplinary team at the University of Bristol, PARC is analysing two Africa-facing networks (CONNECTED and TESF) as well as other Africa-facing projects, reviewing collaboration modes and examining impacts. The resultant learning is being gathered together into a framework and resources that will help benchmark future Bristol collaborations in line with the Africa Charter, and may be useful to other signatories in time. 

This project is supported by a Strategic Impact Award, funded by the University of Bristol  EPSRC-ESRC Impact Acceleration Account in 2023-2024. Read more here. 

Re-imagining UK Education Research Partnerships in the South: Prospects for Mutual and Equitable Relationships

Bringing together representatives from universities, research centres and associations working in the education space, this webinar sought to promote dialogue and understanding around the questions: What, if anything, can be done to redress inequities within UK-funded international education research partnerships? And, what in particular are the responsibilities of UK-based researchers? View webinar resources.