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Group photo at Africa Charter launch
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PARC’s four focus areas

Inquiry and thought-leadership on transforming research cooperation

To address the risks posed by current climate patterns and future climate change, the Government of Ethiopia is building multi-village, piped-water supplies managed by professionalized rural utilities.

Capstone programmes of research and policy engagement

We seek to promote the application of, and learning on, such new cooperation modes, in a set of interdisciplinary capstone programmes of research and policy engagement that are regional in scope and focused, initially, around three substantive areas:

  • care systems and economies to harness Africa’s demographic transition
  • sexual and reproductive health and the rights of the continent’s young people and women
  • innovations in future management of water, sanitation and hygiene

Future Capstone programmes are envisaged on the issues of education and sustainable agriculture.

Across all areas we aim to bring to bear critical perspectives on migration and mobilities, cities and urbanisation, the climate emergency and poverty.

Mutual knowledge sharing and capacity strengthening

We seek to promote mutual knowledge sharing and capacity development to embed new modes of global-Africa research cooperation among the next generation of scholars and academic leaders. Fostering the University’s active involvement in Africa-led research capacity strengthening initiatives (such as CARTA and PASET-RSIF), curating bespoke bilateral exchange schemes, and connecting like-minded colleagues whose work addresses collective global issues are 3 broad strands of this work.

Community of interest

To inform, underpin and disseminate its work across the three other focus areas, PARC seeks to nurture a global community of interest. The community aims to engage stakeholders from the University and the city of Bristol, the continent and beyond using the PARC website as its key platform for exchange, debate and information sharing.