A toolkit for reviewing Africa research partnerships

Developing Impact in Equitable and Transformative Partnership Working With Africa

As part of a brand new year-long project, PARC will be working with a cross-disciplinary team to look at certain Africa-facing networks and projects, reviewing collaboration modes and examining impacts, and gathering the resultant learning together into a toolkit that can help benchmark future University of Bristol collaborations in line with the Africa Charter.

We will synthesise learning from two GCRF-funded networks (CONNECTED and TESF) and other Africa-facing projects involving University of Bristol researchers. This will result in a community of researchers in Bristol and in Africa with interest and expertise in knowledge co-creation.

cabot symposium

Ultimately, we will develop and test a benchmarking toolkit and associated training materials which will be useful for University of Bristol researchers. It will offer practical guidance in an accessible form to complement the principles of the Africa Charter, and will equip researchers with some tools for developing more equitable – and transformative – partnerships. At a later stage, the findings may be useful inputs to similar activities that other Africa Charter signatories are undertaking. 

This project is supported by a Strategic Impact Award, funded by the University of Bristol EPSRC-ESRC Impact Accelerator Account in 2023-2024.

For more information about how this project will progress, please visit its dedicated website.