Question Twelve

12. African Language 

  • Q: How can African languages and linguistic translation be best embedded in research practice? Is there scope for PARC to teach African languages in Bristol (currently only at SOAS/Manchester Met in the UK, and online)? Ruth Bush, UoB 
  • Q: I note that the University of Bristol does not have a department of African languages or African studies. Is this something the Centre is hoping to address? Anonymous 

 A: We recognize that language is fundamental in determining what knowledge is generated and how it is understood and used, and that the use of African languages must be embedded in research in and for Africa. What PARC could and should do to ensure this, including whether or not it could support the teaching of African languages, are critically important questions, which we have not thus far addressed. We will explore them with relevant departments and the University’s Centre for Black Humanities (the only one in the UK) and partners in the continent and share our evolving thinking in further discussions.