Question Seven

7. Pan-Afrikan Ideology 

  • Q: Zubairu Wai has made reference to the Pan-Afrikan ideology as something that shape the approach to addressing the inequalities. To what extent has PARC considered this? Peninah A-Kindberg

 A: PARC takes as a key point of reference the aspirations for Africa as outlined in the African Union Agenda 2063: because we respect and take seriously Africa’s own blueprint for progress, but also because the Agenda speaks to, demands, the very transformation, the very repurposing of global North-Africa (research) relationships we are seeking to champion. Agenda 2063 is underpinned by the ideal of Pan Africanism and points to ways of working that will be important for PARC – including engaging with relevant diasporic communities, a fostering of research that seeks to be relevant to regional integration and policy making efforts, and engagement with continental or sub-regional science- or higher-education focused initiatives to which we may be able to add value. This does not mean that we negate critical engagement, in particular from the continent, with the idea of Pan-Africanism or the attempts to translate it into practice.