Poverty Measurement & Inequality

Migrant Transit Centre, Niger. (credit: UNICEF/Gilbertson)

Highlights so far

UoB researchers are engaged in a number of projects, shown in the map below, that seek to identify, examine and address the myriad of contributory, and resultant implications of poverty on the continent. 

Professor David Gordon (SPS and Director of the Bristol Poverty Institute and Research) is co-investigating how African societies can design and implement climate action to improve sustainable livelihoods, and reduce both poverty and inequality, working across Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and the UK, through inclusive climate action (TSITICA), a cross-cutting project awarded a research excellence award by the UKRI. Alongside this, Professor Gordon is also involved in a programme seeking the Integration of Child Poverty Analysis in National Statistics (UNICEF Uganda).  

Dr Mary Zhang (SPS) in partnership with UKRI and the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), is supporting the measurement and enhancement of African Children’s rights and well-being in nutrition, healthcare and education through a gender lens - with her subsequent findings to be published by the ACPF in their forthcoming flagship report; The African Report on Child Well-being 2020: How Friendly are African Governments towards the Girl Child?