PARC Partnerships Fund

Pre-call Announcement: PARC Partnerships Fund 2021 

Call opening date: 15 September 2021


Closing date: 7 January 2022


Total budget available: £200,000



Building on advances made in the UK research sector toward promoting greater equity in collaboration with global South partners, this funding aims to help embed a new mode of research partnerships that goes further in redressing the multiple layers of power imbalances often found in global North-Africa research. As such, the fund’s goal is to contribute to a championing of transformation in Africa research and partnerships within the University of Bristol and beyond.

The call will be open to Africa-led collaborations with colleagues at the University of Bristol that address academic or applied aims prioritised by African colleagues. These aims may be related to the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and/or sub-regional and/or national and/or local aspirations for social progress. Aims may additionally align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Whilst applications may focus on areas aligned with PARC’s Capstone programmes, applications on any research issue and from any academic discipline are welcomed. Uni, multi and/or interdisciplinary collaborations and those that include non-academic stakeholders such as policymakers, civil society organisations or other local actors as appropriate are encouraged.

Applications must include a learning aspect focused on deriving lessons from their Africa-centred collaboration modes and on sharing these, through active contributions, with the PARC Community of Interest.

We anticipate funding approximately 3-5 projects within an overall budget of £200,000. Whilst no precise upper award limit is given, applications for a significant portion of the budget must make an outstanding value for money case. Bids for lower value awards are also welcome. Projects are expected to last up to 12 months and commence in February/March 2022.

Who can apply

The core team must consist of an African researcher based at an African HEI or research institution as lead and least one Bristol researcher. The Bristol researchers can be either:

· an experienced researcher as co-investigator

· a more junior researcher (e.g. postgraduate, early-career postdoctoral) as co-investigator/researcher with experienced Bristol researcher acting as mentor

The African lead institution must also meet the “Ability to deliver criteria”. We will share more information on this aspect once the call opens.

Additional academic and non-academic partners may be included. Generally only costs related to partners from DAC countries are allowed.

How to make an application

When the call is opened application guidance and documentation will be accessible from this website. The application is likely to consist of: pro-forma, budget sheet, workplan, CVs and Letters of Support.

Applicants are expected to co-develop their proposal with partners and submit their finalised application documentation by the deadline, 12 noon GMT/2pm CAT, 7 January 2022.

Further Information

A call information webinar is planned for 9am GMT/11 am CAT on 22 September. Please send an email to if you are interested in joining this event. We will contact you with further information nearer the date.

Contact details: