Migration & Mobility

Dr Martin Preston
Orthodox Christian Holy Fire ceremony, Ethiopia. (credit: Martin Preston)

Highlights so far

Bristol's work in migration is curated by a Specialist Research InstituteMigration Mobilities Bristol (MMB), and encompasses a number of live Africa-focused projects shown in the map below. 
As part of a cluster of work on hidden aspects of migration, Ms Ann Singleton (Policy Studies) presently leads a project on Memorials to people who have died and to those missing during migrationfunded by the Worldwide Universities Network Research Development Fund. Workshops to consideexperiences of the migration emergency in the Mediterranean were convened in Lesvos in April 2019 under the auspices of the University of the Aegean (you can read reflections on the proceedings here) and, later in the year, in Accra – with a focus on memorials to those for whom Ghana was a site of departure. The Modern Marronage Project runs until 2023, with UoB's Dr Sam Okyere (Policy Studies) a co-investigator. Through fieldwork in Ghana and elsewhere, the inquiry aims to challenge dominant discourses on modern slavery by focusing on freedom, using insights from the dialogue between past and present, co-producing counter-narratives to conventional histories, and encouraging more nuanced popular and political debate on the contemporary meaning and practice of freedom.