Governance, Peace & Conflict

Haile Selassie, Africa Hall, Addis Ababa. (credit: Mhairi Gibson)

Highlights so far

A number of projects and initiatives involving UoB researchers and shown in the map below, examine and seek to address challenges to governance, peace and security in Africa.  

Dr Chinyere Uche (economics) is part of a team of researchers from across the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) investigating the governance practices of African Higher Education Institutions through study in five different Africa nations, whilst Professor Sue Parnell (geographical sciences) maintains active involvement in African urban policy debates, from which she co-founded the African Centre for Cities. Transparency Solutions, a Somali First (SF) initiative to promote Somali-led development through impartial facilitation, research, training and education has been co-directed by Professor Eric Herring (SPAIS) since 2015, and is a strategic partner of UoB.

Professor David Gordon (SPS and Director of the Bristol Poverty Institute and Research) is co-investigating how social inequalities can be transformed through inclusive climate action (TSITICA), and progress made towards the fulfillment of the UN’s ambitious Agenda 2030 - a project led by the University of Cape Town. Meanwhile, Dr Katerina Michaelides’s (Geographical Sciences) work in Somalia fuses work from multiple different fields, in exploring the impact of war on African dryland environments and social-ecological resistance (WIDER-SOMA).