Etuhole Pre-primary School and Day Nursery, Windhoek, Namibia. (credit: Susan Jim)

Highlights so far

Bristol's education researchers collaborate with colleagues throughout the continent, with a cluster of active or recently concluded projects in Southern Africa, shown in the map below 
GCRF Chair Professor Leon Tikly is leading a capacity-building network across several countries worldwide, including Rwanda, Somalia, and South Africa. Transforming Education Systems for Sustainable Development (TES4SD) Network Plus is a £4.825m project that will assist key stakeholders at a regional and global scale to better understand how education systems can be transformed to support sustainable development.
Dr Alf Coles (Education) is leading Innovating the Mathematics Curriculum, a WUN RDF project which considers the processes by which researchers in different contexts, characterised by historical asymmetries, can collaborate to produce knowledge. Likewise, Professors Madhu Krishnan (English) and Leon Tikly (Education) are co-Is on !Gâ re – Rangatiranga – Dadirri : Decolonizing the 'capture of knowledge', led by a colleague at UCT, Dr June Bam-Hutchison. This project aims to strengthen the legitimacy and authority of the university in a changing world through new decolonial knowledge-producing partnerships. As part of the Phoenix Project, working across poverty reduction, health promotion and environment, Bristol has been active with partners in Namibia. 
Dr Sue Timmis (Education) has extensive experience of knowledge exchange in rural South Africa, and was PI on Southern African Rurality in Higher Education - a collaboration between the University of Bristol, the University of Johannesburg, Rhodes University, the University of Fort Hare and the University of Brighton, which investigated the transition from rural school and home contexts to university learning in Southern Africa.