UNFPA internship experience

UoB-UNFPA intern Emmanuella Henshaw reflects on her time in the London office…Read more

Coloniality, Development and Science

A reflection from PARC Research Associatie Eyob Balcha Gebremariam…Read more

The Primacy of Epistemic Justice for a Transformed Knowledge Production Ecosystem in Africa

Thoughts from PARC Research Associatie Eyob Balcha Gebremariam…Read more

Development through Data Science for Somaliland

Two Bristol physicists travelled to Somaliland. Dr Jaap Velthuis reports…Read more

Launch of PARC Conversations

PARC Research Associate Eyob Balcha Gebremariam offers his thoughts…Read more

Project report: Perivoli Foundation-funded PhD student

Jonny Teague writes about his recently concluded doctoral research project, funded by the Perivoli Foundation…Read more..

Joining PARC and Contributing to Its Mission to Decolonise the Research and Knowledge Production Ecosystem – Eyob Gebremariam, PARC Research Associate

I joined PARC as an Associate Researcher after spending four academic years at the LSE teaching African Political Economy and African Development. The most important stepping stone to my current role at PARC is my exciting and successful …Read more..

Championing transformation in Africa research and partnerships? – Prof. Isabella Aboderin, PARC Director.

In April 2021 PARC launched to the world. We sought to share and stimulate critical and honest reflection on our mission to champion transformation in global North – Africa research partnershipsThe speakers – key scholars, advocates, policy makers and practitioners in the continent and its diaspora – spoke to the urgency of our endeavour but also gave us pause to consider important questions, ideas and directions to inform our future work ... Read more .. 

PARC through 2020: Thoughts from the Intern – Elliot James, PARC Communications & Administration Intern

As 2020 draws to a close and we, as a teamlook back over all the work that has gone into the development of PARC during the last twelve months – the early mornings and late nights, weekend working and midweek webinarsproposals and programmesblogs (!), all of the events either hosted by or attended to, and the … Read more .. 

Reflections on Foundations for PARC – Prof. Isabella Aboderin, PARC Director

At the end of the first stage in PARC’s journey, and with an initial strategy now in place I’d like to reflect on its basis and underpinnings.  Or  to use the analogy that Perivoli in this context meaning ‘orchard’, by chance, offers – on the ground and seed from which we envision the Centre to grow and take shape. Read more .. 

Our journey to the formation of PARC – Susan Jim, PARC Manager

As we approach the internal launch of our new Perivoli Africa Research Centre, Isabella has invited me to provide some reflections on the establishment of PARC at the University of Bristol. As PARC Manager, one key question comes to mind .. Read more ..